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'Golden Cage' Visas Force Immigrant Men to Be Stay-at-Home Husbands

The little-known H-4 visa lets spouses of workers stay in the United States, but can also be a trap.
Sushmita Pathak

Choking Me During Sex Without Consent Is Assault

In my early 20s, aggressive sex became the norm in my world, and I was too afraid to speak up about it. Not anymore.
Alison Stevenson
worker rights

Garment Factories in Bangladesh Are Trying on Gender Equality for Size

Four years after the collapse of Rana Plaza, the country's thriving ready made garment industry is starting to shine light on more than improved infrastructure.
Madeline Moitozo
Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston Says Girls are "Supposed to Be Silent"

Jameis Winston said he made a "poor word choice" when addressing elementary school kids.
Mike Vorkunov

Why Do People Think Men Who Wear Women's Clothing Are Gay?

When Young Thug debuted the cover for JEFFERY, he raised interesting questions about why, exactly, we conflate men who wear women's clothing with homosexuality.
Jon Shadel

This Is What It's Like to Raise a Gender-Neutral Child

"When they hear you're pregnant, the first question people ask is whether it's a boy or a girl. Why is everyone so eager to figure out my child's genitals?"
Bo Hanna

Girls Only

In this comic for tomboys, Stephanie Hurtado tells us about the trials and tribulations of being a tomboyish female dog and putting up with bird ladies passing judgement.
Stephanie Hurtado

Snövit Hedstierna Talks About Her Art and Looking at Your Genitals

The Swedish artist has made headlines for inviting people to spoon, as well as an exhibition that featured men and women examining their private parts in public.
Carl-Johan Ulvenäs

This Ex-Muslim Started a Tumblr for Women Who Have Abandoned the Hijab

I talked to Hiba Krisht about the 15 years she spent wearing the Muslim head covering against her will and how Islam can hypersexualize women.
Simon Davis
A Few Impressions

If James Franco Directed 'Othello,' He Would Lose the Sexism

It is time for a shift in perception about Shakespeare’s Othello. Since its first performance in the early 1600s, the production has gone different permutations.
James Franco
Really, Ryan?

Gay Men and Their Not-So-Cute Misogyny Problem

What’s up with all the misogyny, gay dudes? Seriously. I’m not saying you have to staple a copy of 'Feminine Mystique' to your forehead while blasting Julie Ruin, but could some of you (emphasis on SOME) not have such thinly-veiled contempt for women?
Ryan O'Connell

The VICE Podcast Show - Stoya on Gender Roles and the Future of Monogamy

'The VICE Podcast Show' is a weekly unedited discussion in which we go inside the minds of some of the most interesting, creative, and bizarre people we come across. This week, host Reihan Salam talks to adult performer and VICE columnist Stoya about...
Reihan Salam