gender roles

  • Gay Men and Their Not-So-Cute Misogyny Problem

    What’s up with all the misogyny, gay dudes? Seriously. I’m not saying you have to staple a copy of 'Feminine Mystique' to your forehead while blasting Julie Ruin, but could some of you (emphasis on SOME) not have such thinly-veiled contempt for women?

  • The VICE Podcast Show - Stoya on Gender Roles and the Future of Monogamy

    'The VICE Podcast Show' is a weekly unedited discussion in which we go inside the minds of some of the most interesting, creative, and bizarre people we come across. This week, host Reihan Salam talks to adult performer and VICE columnist Stoya about...

  • Stoya on the Pitfalls of Heteronormativity and Monogamy

    Being outside of heteronormativity tends to come with a need to consider one’s personal views on roles in relationships, how our appearance affects the way we are perceived, what sex actually is, what monogamy is, and what arrangements are right for us...