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Hundreds of Migrant Kids in Government Shelters Are Put on Psychotropic Drugs, Says a Watchdog Report

Many of the children appear to have been medicated without their parents’ consent.


Most of the Women’s March Leaders Are Out

The group behind the wildly successful Women’s March on Washington in 2017 is cutting ties with some of its bold-faced names and recommitting to its agenda ahead of 2020.


One of Canada’s More Prominent Politicians Is Sharing QAnon YouTubers

Maxime Bernier shared a video created by a full-on conspiracy theorist.


Green Party to Form Opposition as PCs Win Minority Government in PEI

It's the first time in Canadian history the Green party has formed the opposition in a provincial legislature.


El Chapo Tried to Use Hells Angels to Kill Canadian Real Estate Agent Called ‘Catboy,’ Court Hears

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmàn Loera's former right hand man made the accusation in a Brooklyn court this week.


White supremacist who trolled black female student body president now has to publicly advocate against hate for 2 years

He also has to make a video apology that she can release for educational purposes


Surprise! Doug Ford Is Running Ontario Like It’s 'Entourage'

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s hiring of personal family friend Ron Taverner to head up Ontario’s police force shows how little he gives a shit about appearances.


Elon Musk Called One of the Divers in Thailand a ‘Pedo’

The Tesla billionaire has been feuding with Vern Unsworth since the diver called his mini-submarine a PR stunt.


Lawyer Accuses Toronto Police of Beating Young Black Man into a Coma

But the Toronto Police Association says the claims are false.


Behold: Stormzy and Ed Sheeran in One Flavourful Conversation

Ahead of the release of their new albums, we brought the pair together for an episode of our 'Back and Forth' series.


Psychologists Have Discovered a Way to 'Inoculate' People Against Fake News

Researchers found that people are generally better at recognizing fake news once they understand how it's generated and used to manipulate people.