Gerald Stanley


How the Government’s New Crime Bill Could Screw Over People of Colour

Defence lawyers say the Liberals’ proposed reforms will result in more wrongful convictions.


Crown Won’t Appeal Not Guilty Verdict in Shooting Death of Colten Boushie

Gerald Stanley shot and killed Boushie, a 22-year-old Indigenous man, in 2016.


RCMP watchdog to probe police investigation into Colten Boushie killing

Independent experts say Saskatchewan RCMP mishandled the crime scene following the killing of 22-year-old Indigenous man by farmer Gerald Stanley.


How Reporting on Colten Boushie’s Death Changed Me

As a lone Indigenous journalist covering the story, I saw him as a relative.


An RCMP Officer Allegedly Said Colten Boushie ‘Got What He Deserved’: Report

The comment was made in an RCMP Facebook group.


Why Gerald Stanley’s Defence Doesn’t Make Sense To Gun Experts

Expert says Stanley's theory on how the gun went off has "no air of reality."


I’m Glad That ‘Ministers of the Crown’ are Calling Bullshit on Canada’s Justice System

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his justice minister have been speaking about the Gerald Stanley verdict. But conservatives say they shouldn’t be.


Calls grow for Indigenous justice systems in wake of Boushie case

Legal experts call for justice reform after an all-white jury let farmer Gerald Stanley walk free


Far-Right Giving Money to Gerald Stanley, Man Found Not Guilty of Killing Colten Boushie

The fundraiser has raised over $90,000 so far for the Saskatchewan farmer.


Colten Boushie’s Family Is Headed to Ottawa

At a Saskatoon rally protesting the not-guilty verdict, the 22-year-old’s relatives say they’re going to seek justice for his death.


Fury across Canada after white farmer acquitted of killing Indigenous man

Protests erupt and prime minister weighs in following anger over the acquittal of Gerald Stanley for shooting Colten Boushie in Saskatchewan


The Gerald Stanley Verdict Shows There’s No Justice for Indigenous Peoples

Colten Boushie was shot dead on a Saskatchewan farm. An all-white jury decided the man that killed him did no wrong.