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These Memes Highlight the Absurdity of ScarJo's Comments About Playing 'Any Person'

The actress is getting roasted for saying she should be able to play "any person, or any tree, or any animal."
Nicole Clark
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Patti Smith's Instagram Celebrates The Basic Beauty of Life

The legendary punk singer and writer joined Instagram this year and it became a place of unbridled joy in this hellscape that we’re living in.
Sarah MacDonald
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I Graded Hollywood on Diversity and It Didn’t Go Well

Film industry giants, here's your report card.
Noel Ransome
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Taylor Swift's "...Ready for It?" Might Be the Geekiest Video of All Time

But let's investigate just how nerdy it gets.
Phil Witmer

We Talked to the 'Ghost in the Shell' Director About Weed, Whitewashing, and Cyberpunk

Rupert Sanders tells us about the journey he went on to make the live-action adaptation of the 1995 anime classic, and the controversy over casting Scarlett Johansson.
Matthew Giles

Is the New 'Ghost in the Shell' Film Actually Any Good?

The American remake of the Japanese anime cult classic has been plagued with controversy since it was announced, and tbh it's a pretty vapid watch.
Hannah Ewens
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Hear Johnny Jewel's Tense 'Ghost in the Shell' Soundtrack Contribution, "The Hacker"

While you wait for the Hollywood remake, listen to the Chromatics ringleader's synth-heavy new track.
Corinne Przybyslawski
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Tricky, Boys Noize, and More Feature on a Soundtrack for 'Ghost in the Shell'

Hear Tricky's skulking contribution "Escape" now.
Krystal Rodriguez

Watch Scarlett Johansson play a Japanese Cyborg in the Trailer for Ghost in the Shell

And they say there are no good roles for white women.
Amil Niazi

Being An Asian Actor Is Hard Even Without Scarlett Johansson Taking Your Roles

When you're constantly passed over for even the "Asian" roles, it can be incredibly difficult to pursue a career in acting.
Chin Lu