The Relationship Between LeBron James and Lance Stephenson is Blossoming

Lance Stephenson used to fuck with LeBron James. Now it seems that LeBron James fucks with Lance Stephenson—but in the good way.


This Addictive New Game Is Like Minecraft, But with GIFs

"GIPHY World," an experimental new project from the internet GIF directory, is a trippy and fun new way to use GIFs.


Marlins Cat Unable to Resist the Intoxicating Allure of Home Run Sculpture

In the sixth inning against the Atlanta Braves, a cat climbed its way up from the field to the giant home run sculpture in Marlins Park.


Jonathan Simmons Sends Meyers Leonard Shuffling off This Mortal Coil

Jonathan Simmons ended Meyers Leonard once and for all.


Let's Enjoy the Home and Away Calls of Russell Westbrook's Dagger Buzzer-Beater

Russell Westbrook made history last night with his 42nd triple-double, and added a dagger buzzer-beater just for shits and giggles.


KBO Team Uses Drone to Simulate First Pitch from Heaven in Honor of Andy Marte

A KBO team flew a drone from centerfield to home plate for its opening day ceremonial first pitch.


Cardinals Outfielder Stephen Piscotty had a Rough Fifth Inning

For Cardinals right fielder Stephen Piscotty, it's three strikes and you're safe.


Even DeAndre Jordan Can't Believe How Badly He Missed This Free Throw

You'd think some things, like DeAndre Jordan missing a free throw, wouldn't be surprising, but the universe is a mysterious place full of wonder.


Look at this Wacky Delivery from a Red Sox Pitching Prospect

Roniel Raudes is a 19-year-old pitcher in the Red Sox system with a truly funky delivery.


Icelandic Couples Made Thunder (Thigh) Clap After Beating England in Soccer Nine Months Ago, Now There Are Babies

According to a doctor in Iceland's largest hospital, they set a record for maternity epidurals 9 months after stunning England in the Euros.


Caps Prospect Gives His All for Pulled-Pork Sandwich Ad

If the whole hockey thing doesn't work out for Connor Hobbs, he's got a career as a TV pitchman sewn up.


Kentucky Fans Experience the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat in Seconds

Kentucky fan reactions to the final seconds of the UNC game were beautiful and human art.