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We Asked a Scientist to Explain the Similarities Between Rats and Ravers

Humans aren't the only ones attracted to flashing lights.
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Calgary Nightclub Closes Weeks After Late-Night Shooting

TEN X says "Thank You For All The Memories."
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Wolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner Has a New Album; Stop Asking Him to Play “Undertaker"

'Ten Ways To Steal Home Plate' will be the breakpoint for older fans still hanging on for one more banger.
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Brazil Will Soon Open the Largest Vinyl Plant in all of Latin America

The factory plans to quadruple the country's record production.
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Meet the Doctor Behind the World's First Vaginal Speaker

The Babypod plays music for your fetus.
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For the First Time in History, "Old" Music Is Outselling New Artist Releases

In 2015 music purchases changed, possibly forever.
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A Graffiti Artist is Suing Kiesza Over Her Award-Winning "Hideaway" Video

Her breakout song has been viewed over 300 million times on YouTube.
THUMP Canada Staff
ghost producer

Meet the Anonymous Entrepreneurs Bringing Ghost Production to the Masses

We discuss the implications of music's hottest topic with the creator of EDM Ghost Producer.
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club culture

We Talked to the Canadian Bouncer Who Shot the NYE Viral GoPro Video

"If you act like a complete moron when you're in public, someday you might end up in someone's viral video."
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Festival Season!

"Will Work 4 Rave": Music Festival Volunteers Across North America Strive For Compensation

A love for music and workers rights collide for music festival volunteers.
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