Gina Rodriguez

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Watch the Trailer for 'Ex Machina' Director's Stunning Ecological Thriller

A gun-toting Natalie Portman leads a dangerous mission into a quarantined stretch of jungle in Alex Garland's 'Annihilation.'
Beckett Mufson

Sydney Leathers Lived in My Apartment for a Week

Anthony Weiner's notorious sexting partner visited me for my college graduation.
Mitchell Sunderland

I Interviewed and Took a Selfie with Lil Jon, Nick Cannon, a Bunch of Random Artists, and J Lo

When in doubt, ask celebrities about Based God and French Montana.
Jonathan Peltz

Reality TV Stars Raised Money for Starving Kids at a Mexican Restaurant

Lindsay Lohan's dad, Bret Michael's girlfriend, a Madonna impersonator, and the most famous porn star of all time gathered at a Mexican restaurant to pose for paparazzi photos and raise money for Feed My Starving Children.
Megan Koester

I Went to a D-List Celebrity Botox Party

Hanging out with a fame-hungry Kim Kardashian lookalike, a parody singer, the “Butt King of New York,” a tequila-selling Mafia wife, and the girl who got kicked off Jersey Shore for being too unstable.
Mitchell Sunderland

Why Did Sydney Leathers Try to Auction Off Bits of Her Labia?

Since she became famous for being Anthony Weiner's sexting partner, the former aspiring lawyer has become a reclusive D-list celebrity who rarely leaves her apartment but has gone on Howard Stern, starred in a porno, and attempted to sell bits of her...
Mitchell Sunderland

Gina Rodriguez: The D-List Diva

Pick a celebrity you really hate. Think of the most awful famous-for-being-famous, always-in-TMZ piece of garbage you can, someone who would scare the cast of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. No matter whose name is in your mind, Gina Rodriguez...
Mitchell Sunderland