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The UK Government Is Still Massively Complacent About Climate Change

It's set to miss it's 2030 climate targets.
Joe Sandler Clarke
Save Yourselves

One Night in Central London with Extinction Rebellion

A timeline of what it's like to spend the evening with climate protestors willing to get arrested for their cause.
Patrick Heardman
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Climate Change Hits Canada Twice as Hard as Other Countries

Concordia researchers have created an app to fight fear-mongering and misinformation.
Anne Gaviola
Save Yourselves

The History of Today's Youth Climate Strikes

Greta Thunberg's one-woman strike has grown to become one of the largest student-led demonstrations in history.
VICE Staff
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Barbecue Weather in Winter Should Freak Us All Out

The bizarre existential dread that comes with weather that's actually nice before Pancake Day.
Joe Sandler Clarke

Thousands of School Students Skipped Class to Protest Climate Change

We were in central London on Friday, speaking to participants in the first Youth Strike 4 Climate to reach UK shores.
Nick Levine

The Five Worst Things the UK Is Doing to the Environment

We've somewhat moved away from treating the planet like there's a spare one to live on, but the country's still not reached 'net zero emissions.'
Nick Levine
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2019 Will Show Us Who Is Destroying the Planet

The injustice behind climate change will become obvious, and those causing it will have nowhere to hide.
Joe Sandler Clarke

2018 Was the Year We Acknowledged That Climate Catastrophe Is Imminent

Even if government fail to act, there is no denying the state of our current condition.
Mattha Busby
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Diary of a Fossil Fuel Lobby-Watcher at the UN Climate Conference

COP24 is a playground for the fossil fuel industry.
Pascoe Sabido
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What We Heard at a Climate Change Deniers' Meeting at Parliament

"Children are completely indoctrinated into one point of view at schools up and down the country," said one of the speakers from the Global Warming Policy Foundation.
Joe Sandler Clarke
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A Brief History of Not Dealing with Climate Change

We spoke to an expert on fossil fuel consumption about how politicians and corporations stop us from stopping global warming.
Casper Hughes