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Tiger Woods' Restaurant Accused of 'Destroying Evidence' in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Nicholas Immesberger’s family is accusing The Woods restaurant of overserving the bartender and destroying security camera footage.
Jelisa Castrodale

This Story of Trump Stealing a Kid's Ball to Cheat at Golf Is Fully Bananas

"Daddy, that's my ball."
River Donaghey

Teen Diver Removes Shitload of Golf Balls from Pebble Beach Coastline

Eighteen-year-old diver Alex Weber stumbled across a huge swath of ocean floor completely covered by golf balls and has removed over 50,000 of them.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Someone Had a Terrifying Run-In with This Massive Gator Again

And he looks like he somehow got bigger...
Drew Schwartz
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GOP Candidate Threatens PA Gov. with Bizarre Golf/Baseball Violence

"You better put a catcher's mask on your face because I'm going to stomp all over your face with golf spikes."
Liam Daniel Pierce

Tiger Woods Wins First Tournament Since 2013, Fans Go Nuts

Tiger won the Tour Championship at East Lake and nearly came in first in the FedEx Cup as well.
Sean Newell

I Followed Mark Wahlberg's Ridiculous Daily Routine

Why does he wake up at 2:30 AM? Why does he snack so much? Why spend 90 minutes in the shower? There was only one way to find out.
Tom Usher
Pee shot

Can't a Guy Just Pee on the Golf Course in Peace?

Padraig Harrington tried to take a piss in the woods during the final round at the Czech Masters and the camera operator was dialed in.
Sean Newell

Phil Mickelson Joins Twitter, Engages Tiger Woods in Weak Trash Talk

Also, the match between Tiger and Phil is on, taking place in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving weekend.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Police Just Found $40K of Weed Hidden Inside Some Golf Bags

Putt, putt, pass.
River Donaghey
Jersey, Sure

I Became a Caddy at Trump's Golf Club Doing What Trump Does Best: Lying

Carrying a bag was a big part of the job. Even bigger? Massaging the egos of very rich men.
Alex Norcia

79-Year-Old JoAnne Carner Just Shot Her Age at U.S. Senior Women's Open

"Big Mama" just slayed at the Open with a birdie on her final hole to finish with a six-over par 79 to match her age.
Liam Daniel Pierce