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Wait, Rivers Cuomo Got Violently Attacked by an Electric Eel in 2012?

Also, Weezer are going on a big stadium tour with Green Day and Fall Out Boy next summer.
Josh Terry
New music

Hey, Billie Joe Armstrong's Surprise New EP Is Pretty Good!

The Longshot, which seems to feature the Green Day frontman's son Joey on drums, quietly released a self-titled three-song sampler overnight. I like it!
Alex Robert Ross
Deep Ass Questions

What Is the Millennial 'Stairway to Heaven?' A Battle Royale

Is it Kanye? Coldplay? Could it be... Keane?
Phil Witmer
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Listen to a Lovely Green Day Cover Album for Hurricane Relief Efforts

Organized by members of Pinegrove and friends, 'Earth Day' benefits victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
Phil Witmer
Important Questions Raised By...

Which Terrible Green Day Song Is 21 Savage Listening to Here?

21 21 21... guns.
Phil Witmer
Deep Ass Questions

What Is the Millennial "Stairway to Heaven?" A Battle Royale

Is it Kanye? Coldplay? Could it be... Keane?
Phil Witmer
Leslie's Diary Comics

'1994,' Today's Comic by Leslie Stein

Leslie remembers 1994, falls in and out of love with Green Day, and goes to a barbershop quartet convention.
Leslie Stein

How Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance Helped Me as a Gay Teen

The bands I worshiped in high school were fronted by gender-bending, guyliner-wearing, homoerotic antidotes to the American jock, and the music that helped me fit in would eventually help me come out as gay.
Tom Vellner
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Guy Screaming Green Day Whenever His Roommate Plays Acoustic Guitar is GOAT

Behold: boss level prank.
Lauren O'Neill
Objectively Correct Lists

Ten Iconic Remixes of Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, the Most Important Song of 2016

“My world's on fire, how about yours?”
Emma Garland

Before the Rise of Girl Talk, A Green Day Mashup Album Showed the Form's Mainstream Potential

Eleven years later, we caught up with the former American radio DJ and Australian university manager behind Dean Gray's 'American Edit.'
Max Mertens

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama will speak out against Trump if he threatens America's core values, protestors and police clash at the Dakota pipeline site, and more.
VICE Staff