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Woman in Viral Video Who Licked Carton of Ice Cream and Put It Back Could Go to Jail

Fun fact: Licking food and putting it back on the shelf isn't just super disgusting; it's also a felony!
Jelisa Castrodale

Detroit Tigers Concessions Worker Seen Spitting on Food

The Comerica Park food services employee was filmed spitting on pizza crust before covering it with sauce. He is in police custody and may face charges.
Sean Newell

The Bugs Are Coming for MLB Umpire Brains

An umpire had a giant-ass moth fly into his ear during last night's game between the Yankees and White Sox, and lived to tell the tale.
Sean Newell
really bad

Some Thoughts on the Hideous Way Theresa May Is Holding Trump's Hand Here

TL;DR: I hate it!
Lauren O'Neill
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A Man Allegedly Smelled So Terrible His Flight Had to Make an Emergency Landing

People were reportedly puking and fainting in their seats.
River Donaghey
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Florida Man Recounts Final Moments of the Roach That Died Inside His Ear

No no no no no no no no no noono nonononon onoandofiasdofnaio wneoia'3po2j2[-3041i3u!
River Donaghey
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Here's Even More Evidence That Hand Dryers Are Pretty Disgusting

A new study found that they're actually blowing bacteria onto your hands. Gross!
River Donaghey

Shocking Study: Films That Feature More Than Just White People Make Money

Diversity in film is apparently a thing people want to see more of and its showing.
Noel Ransome
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This Student Is Getting Death Threats over a Gnarly Hand Dryer Experiment

Apparently, this is what's growing in your office's bathroom dryers.
Allie Conti
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Oh No, a Second Donald Trump Is Spawning Inside This Dog's Ear

Once you see it, you can never unsee it.
River Donaghey

Do Dick Pics Ever Work Out Well?

I asked a bunch of friends and dudes on Tinder if they ever get a positive response.
Claire Sullivan
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Witness the Wonders of Nature as a Raven Brutally Disembowels a Live Pigeon

One New Yorker was thoughtful enough to capture the grisly scene on film so we can all marvel at the city's wildlife.
River Donaghey