Australia Today

NSW Prison Guards Keep Getting Caught Having Sex With Inmates

The husband rang Kempsey prison demanding the name of the officer but was told, “Sorry, it’s an inmate.”
Mahmood Fazal

Riots Erupt at an Australian Detention Center Over a Refugee's Death

Guards at the Christmas Island detention center have reportedly abandoned their posts as a fire burns and detainees tear down fences.
Wendy Syfret
The Prison Issue

How New Mexico Transformed the Site of a Deadly Prison Uprising into a Tourist Destination

In 1980, prisoners overtook the Penitentiary of New Mexico in a deadly 36-hour siege. Today, it offers tours for anyone curious about the fantastic violence that took place there decades earlier.
Andrew Brininstool

Why Did This Nevada Prison Have More Than 200 Shooting Incidents in Five Years?

Inmates claim guards at High Desert State Prison use their guns to break up fights and don't give medical treatment to prisoners injured by birdshot.
Mike Pearl

On Patrol with North London's Orthodox Jewish Crime Fighters

Shomrim (Hebrew for "guards") is on call 24 hours a day. Every day it gets 11 to 15 calls, but more just after the sabbath, when there's a backlog due to people reporting incidents they had witnessed the previous day when they couldn't use the phone.
Tabby Kinder

Don't Miss Jansport Bonfire Sessions' Big Summer Send-Off in Brooklyn with Parkay Quarts, Guards, and Fletcher C Johnson

Helping us celebrate the changing of the seasons are a local trio of red-hot acts, all of whom will provide just the right shades of rock and roll to greet the fall...and if summer wants to hang around longer after the show, that’s fine, too.
Noisey Staff