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My Journey Through the World of Rich-People Meditation Products

Is it possible to buy your way to enlightenment? I tried to find out.
Justin Caffier

The Most Dubious Things Goop's New Fact-Checker Should Look Into

As of September, Goop will have a fact-checker. Here's some stuff from the Goop site that they should probably get on ASAP.
Nicole Clark

I Tried to Live Like Gwyneth Paltrow For a Week

My journey into a lifestyle where plain almonds count as an "ideal snack."
Michael Buchinger

The Ultimate Basic Bitch Tournament

Who is the most Basic of them all? We asked celebrity judges Big Freedia and comedian Julie Klausner to help us choose the queen of Basicdom.
VICE Staff

A Comprehensive List of All the Best Hipster Baby Names released a list of the "best" hipster baby names of 2014. Naturally, the list missed the mark in every way, so we compiled our own list, which is helpfully devoid of such horrible names like "Gulliver" and "Enoch."
Dave Schilling

Why Chris Martin and Gwenyth Paltrow’s “Conscious Uncoupling” Makes Me Realize Divorce Is Underrated

Sure, maybe ten years ago they were happy trying to guess each other's middle names, but people change.
Julie Mitchell
Milf Teeth

For Once, We Shouldn't Laugh at Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Let's leave Gwyneth and the Coldplay guy alone. Maybe "conscious uncoupling" is something that actually exists.
Sophie Heawood

I Spent a Day Exploring Gwyneth Paltrow's Los Angeles

In order to better understand Gwyneth Paltrow and decide if my feelings of hatred are warranted or not, I decided to use her Goop iPhone app to visit all of the places she loves in Los Angeles and try to spend a day in her shoes.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete