Get In Shape With Nihilift, Even Though Nothing Really Matters

‘The best way to get rid of pesky belly fat is to decompose. That will happen soon enough.’
Graham Isador

The Queer Personal Trainers Tackling Heteronormativity One Deadlift at a Time

"We know our community has more trauma around body dysmorphia and greater likelihood of depression… understanding it will go a long way in creating a culture of inclusivity."
Elyssa Goodman
money brain

I'm Hooked on $35 Fitness Classes and It's Embarrassing

I feel conflicted paying so much money for 45-minute exercise classes at SoulCycle and Pure Barre—all in the hopes of sculpting an ideal body. Here's why I keep going back and how I deal with the guilt.
Melissa Kravitz

If You Haven’t Already Downloaded 'Pokémon Go,' You’re Screwed

Gyms are going to be stacked.
Alanna Rizza
Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes Arrested for Throwing Protein Shake at Gym Worker

Busta Rhymes was arrested after splashing water and throwing a protein drink at a gym employee. Woo-hah!
Sean Newell

Monster Cycle Is the Goth Spin-off of SoulCycle

My internal monologue went something like, Oh my God, when will this be over I hate it I'm so out of shape what time is it, this is fucking horrible actually it's kind of awesome I'm burning so many calories .
Chloe Caldwell

Saunas Are Finland's Best Diplomatic Weapon

All Finnish embassies, consulates, and residences have their own saunas, and some Finnish ambassadors regularly socialize with politicians, diplomats, and journalists while boiling in the buff. At first glance, this looks like another luxury for...
Rachel Savage

How to Get Laid at the Gym

Most guys approach the gym like Clint Eastwood walking into a shootout: they want to be alone, they want to be very serious, and they'll kill anyone who comes near them. That is the exact opposite of the attitude you need if you want to score some gym...
Brian Moylan