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Rich People Should Be Putting Out Better Halloween Candy, Woman Argues

Even though this was some quality 'affluent' neighborhood trolling, it's still not a bad attitude to take. Step it up, people.


Here Are the Inevitable 'Sexy' White Claw Halloween Costumes

Go as a 12-pack with your 11 thottiest friends.


Why Is This 'Sloth' Mask from 'The Goonies' Actually Just... an Ass?

Even if you haven't seen 'The Goonies' in years, you can probably see that this looks less like Sloth and more like a butt.


There's a Sexy Plant-Based Burger Halloween Costume Now Because of Course There Is

Because everyone's first thought after opening a two-pack of Beyond Meat patties is sex.


Inside an Underground Women's Mud Wrestling Ring in Chicago

"A couple times when police were called for noise complaints, the cops would stay and watch."


Al Roker's Doc Brown Halloween Costume Wasn't Whiteface, You Dummies

My fellow white Americans, please shut up and listen already.


This Woman Decorated Her Lawn Like a Concentration Camp for Halloween

Complete with Hitler-saluting skeletons and an "arbeit macht frei" sign.


Crossdressing on Halloween Was the Queer Liberation I Didn’t Know I Needed

I'm a confidently queer cis black woman, but the beauty of a masculine "costume" taught me the power of playing with identity on Halloween.


'Spirited Away' Is the Best Halloween Movie

Hayao Miyazaki's Oscar-winning ghost story is spookier than any slasher flick.


The Best of Athlete Halloween Costumes

DeAndre Hopkins as a Na'vi from Avatar was a pretty elaborate job, and Conor McDavid as Homer Simpson is fucking horrifying. But Golden Tate won the pun game.


We Asked Mediums to Ask Dead People What the Scariest Halloween Costume Is

Between a blond woman from former Yugoslavia named Karen, a World War I veteran with great posture, and Jimi Hendrix, the dead had a lot to say.


Thirty-One Photographers Share Their Spookiest Images in Time for Halloween

Curator Jon Feinstein compiles some of his favourite contemporary occult images.