Hannah Diamond

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There's Already an All Star Remix of Charli XCX's "Out of My Head"

Producer AG Cook recruits Mykki Blanco, Dorian Electra, Tommy Cash, and Hannah Diamond for a new version of the track.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Hannah Diamond Has Put a Banging Donk on Her New Release

Depending on your music taste, 'Soon I won't see you at all' is either great or terrible news. Fight, fight, fight!!!
Lauren O'Neill
Obsessive Tendencies

On Pop Music, Instagram Anxiety and Being Alone

It's comforting to see artists like Shamir, Rina Sawayama and Hannah Diamond make sense of my rabid internet addiction.
Daisy Jones

This Sad-Pop Banger is the Emotional Apex of PC Music

To the haters, it may seem like PC Music have been tossing shit against a wall, but with Hannah Diamond's “Fade Away” they’ve finally created their Mona Lisa.
Ryan Bassil
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PC Music's Hannah Diamond Returns With Glittery Throwback Track "Fade Away"

"Fade Away" is the first single from Diamond's new EP, scheduled to be released this year.
Britt Julious

Is It Time to Pull the Plug on PC Music?

The label have never been sure whether they're an art project or a major label, and ultimately they've fallen somewhere in between.
Kyle MacNeill
Holy Shit

Watch One Guy Sneak in a Dab for the SOPHIE Charli XCX Collab "Vroom Vroom"

Look at the dab! and rare sightings of SOPHIE, A.G. Cook, and Hannah Diamond.
Jabbari Weekes
Hannah Diamond

Hannah Diamond’s Debut Video Is An Artsy Contemplation of the Loneliness of the Internet Age

"Hi" flexes Diamond's hyperreal penchant to explore our perception of reality in an increasingly virtual world.
Claire Wang
Internet Exploring

Want a T-Shirt Signed by the PC Music Crew? Cool, That'll Cost You $100,000

Apparently the proceeds will be donated to a charity of QT's choice.
Emma Garland

PC Music’s Pop Cube Launch Was a Bizarro Fun House of Branded Content

Now that PC Music is sponsored by Red Bull, where does their big joke about mass consumerism start and end?
Michelle Lhooq

Hannah Diamond Knows Meta is Better

The face of PC Music gets a bit too real.
Angus Harrison

Even If They’re an Elaborate Joke, PC Music Dominated 2014

Whether you like them or not, the label have created a world that challenges the commercialism and consumption of music.
Ryan Bassil