Hate Thy Neighbor


We Met the Oklahoma Tribe Fighting to Stop Big Oil from Polluting Its Land

Jamali Maddix explores how a Native American tribe is battling environmental racism on 'HATE THY NEIGHBOR.'


We Met the Anti-Feminists Protesting SlutWalk

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We Met the Vigilantes Patrolling the US-Mexico Border

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This Pro-Life Preacher Thinks Ending a Pregnancy Should Cost You Your Life

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We Went Inside a Prison Camp for Kids

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'HATE THY NEIGHBOUR' Season Two Goes Inside Extreme US Hate Groups

The VICELAND show returns on January 23.


Confronting the UK's Everyday Extremism

On the season finale of our VICELAND series 'HATE THY NEIGHBOR,' host Jamali Maddix heads home to talk to Brits about their biggest fears for the future of the country.


Inside the Lehava, a Group Trying to Keep Jews and Arabs from Marrying

On a new episode of 'HATE THY NEIGHBOR,' VICELAND host Jamali Maddix heads to Jerusalem with the leader of a group the government wanted to label a "terrorist organization."


Meet America's Far Right in the Premiere of 'HATE THY NEIGHBOR'

Catch the series premiere of our new VICELAND series hosted by stand-up comedian Jamali Maddix.