What It’s Like to Join a Paranormal Investigation When You’re Cynical AF

I went on an all-night ghost hunting mission in the basement of an old morgue and I only laughed once.
Jesse Donaldson

Canadian Hero Kevin Vickers’ Latest Foe Is an Irish Ghost

The Canadian ambassador to Ireland worries that his residence is haunted by the spirit of Irish revolutionary Patrick Pearse.
Drew Brown

I Spent Friday the Thirteenth Looking for Ghosts in an Abandoned Insane Asylum

Larundel Mental Asylum was closed in 2001. It's since developed a reputation for being haunted, which is a big drawcard.
David Allegretti

Partridge Island is the Haunted, Dangerous Rite of Passage for New Brunswick’s Wasted Youth

But the island's days as a post-apocalyptic, punk playground could be numbered.
James MacDonald, words by Julia Wright

This Guy Plans on Spending 60 Days in a Haunted Lighthouse

Marc Pointud will spend two months in the infamous Tévennec lighthouse—a place marred by legends of death, insanity, and ghosts.
Ilyass Malki

A Brief History of Australia's Haunted Movie Theaters

Why do employees at Melbourne multiplexes keep seeing spirits?
Lee Zachariah

I Took a Clairvoyant to the Excavation Site of a Mass Burial Pit for Plague Victims

She said she was "speaking" to the spirit of a boy who'd died during the Great Plague and been buried under Liverpool Street, along with 3,000 others.
Frankie Mullin

Legend Tripping at Cassadaga's Devil's Chair

We had only taken about 15 steps into the Lake Helen-Cassadaga cemetery before we saw the men come down the hill. We were suburban teenagers there for a Halloween scare, but it suddenly seemed like we were about to become characters in a horror movie.
Allie Conti

The Most Evil Thing I Own

Nothing ups the value of a run-of-the-mill kitchen implement or piece of clothing like someone dying all over it. It's like smearing it with interesting butter. And—as with ghosts—the eviler the person who died on it, the heavier the smear.
Thomas Morton

Seattle Has a Haunted Soda Machine

Seattle has a lonely, outdated soda machine that has been spitting out canned beverages for upwards of 15 years—but no one seems to know who restocks, maintains, or collects money from the thing. It also births a random selection of sodas from its...
Hilary Pollack

Dangerous Unhappy Things: A True Ghost Story

I should make it clear that I have a lot of experience with ghosts. I have been seeing them since I was a child, when a small yellow gnome crawled up my leg and told me the year I would die. He said I'd die of a heart attack in 2019. When I told my...
Clancy Martin

New Zealand Ghost Hunters

Palmerston North is a picturesque university town on New Zealand’s North Island. It’s home to gardens, wind farms, what’s referred to in travel magazines as a "vibrant art scene," and Core Paranormal—a dedicated unit of homespun paranormal...
Shane Warbrooke