As STD Rates Soar, Trump Is Funding Clinics That Don't Believe in Condoms

Religiously affiliated groups are now receiving millions in federal family planning grants—but doing little to prevent STIs.


Americans Spend Too Much on Healthcare, Then 25 Percent Goes to Waste

One cool trick could eliminate record-smashing medical expenditures lost to administrative inefficiency, price hikes, and overtreatment: Nationalize coverage!


Congrats to Big Pharma on Finding a New Way to Profit Off of HIV Prevention

Gilead, the company that makes Truvada, just got FDA approval for Descovy, another form of PrEP. It costs nearly $1,800 a month without insurance coverage.


Netflix's 'Diagnosis' Shows What Doctor Visits Might Look Like in the Future

If only we had the opportunity to treat patients this way right now.


Most Postal Trucks Don't Have Air Conditioning. That's Bad News for Birth Control

Being exposed to high temperatures can make birth control pills less effective.


What a New Famous Face Could Mean for People Living with HIV

“We're here with [Jonathan Van Ness], and we welcome him if he wants to get involved.”


All States Need Emergency Contraception Vending Machines

Six new laws expanding reproductive health care access go into effect in Maine this week, which raises the question: Why not everywhere else?


General Motors Is Now Screwing with Auto Workers' Healthcare

The move could even impact the strength and duration of the strike.


Doctors and Nurses Addicted to Opioids Are Often Barred from the Most Effective Treatment

Taking proven medications like buprenorphine and methadone could mean losing their medical licenses.


Being Poor Literally Makes You Age Faster

Which makes you need medical care, which makes you even poorer...hmm!


Bernie and Warren Ganged Up on Biden Over Medicare for All

“I know the senator said she’s for Bernie. Well, I’m for Barack," said former Vice President Joe Biden.


Florida Thinks a Solution to the Opioid Crisis Is... Massages

New rules in the state require providers to suggest some wildly unhelpful alternatives to prescription painkillers.