Hells Angels


Hells Angels Showed Up Too Drunk or Too Hungover to Participate in Own Anniversary Ride

Seven hundred bikers were expected to participate, but only about 100 Hells Angels (or Hells Hangers-on) were able to take part in the ride.


A Dispatch from the Hells Angels Wedding Event of the Season

A senior Hells Angels member married the daughter of a notorious drug dealer this weekend in Montreal and everyone, including the Mafia, showed up.


Man Tries to Start Nova Scotia Motorcycle Club, It Goes Badly

This reads like a Coen Brothers film.


How Will Legalization Affect the Hells Angels?

"At least two bikers I know have said they would never deal weed because the customers are picky.”


Video Shows Man Attack Cop, Get Smoked by Truck as He Tries to Flee

Two of the men in the Vancouver incident have been identified as the sons of a prominent Hells Angel.


Toronto Police Chief Shames Drake for Hells Angels Hoodie

But is the Toronto rapper is new prospect for the group? Probably not.


Even Biker Gangs Use Starbucks For Work

A Hells Angels affiliate in Metro Vancouver has reportedly set up shop in the one of the coffee chain’s locations.


RCMP Blames Hip, New Show 'Sons of Anarchy' For Outlaw Biker Resurgence

We have five questions for our beloved national police force about this.


The Grim Story of Hells Angels Killing a Black Teen at a Rolling Stones Concert

The unhinged free show put a lid on the freewheeling 60s, but the racial dimension to the bloodshed is inescapable.


How the Hells Angels Weaponized Review Sites

The HA would really like to speak to your manager.


Cops are chasing Hells Angels out of bars in Quebec

Hells Angels are flooding bars in Montreal in the wake of a massive police failure


How Canada’s Most Prolific Hit Man Turned Informant on the Hells Angels

“Apache” Trudeau was known as a killer with “no respect for human life at all.”