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Conservationists Would Really Like People to Stop Throwing Banana Peels on the Ground

Banana peels don't "quickly disappear" at high altitudes; it can take years for a single peel to decompose.
Jelisa Castrodale
12 hours ago

I Conquered My Debt to Hike the Pacific Crest Trail

I felt more in the four months I was on the trail than I had in the 20-plus years that came before then. But to realize my dream, it took an education in frugality to claw me out of financial ruin.
Ayesha Cording

America's National Parks Are Being Ruined by Human Poop

How number two has become problem number one in some of our most beautiful public lands.
Gray Chapman

Working at a National Park Teaches You Confidence and Perseverance

I spent six months with the Backcountry Trails Program in Kings Canyon National Park and it was wild.
Anna Mattinger

River Deep, Mountain High: Photos of Nudists Trekking in the Alps

Roshan Adhihetty went on 30 mountain walks with a group of naked hikers.
Kamil Biedermann
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This Guy Somehow Survived Two Separate Grizzly Attacks in the Same Day

"Life sucks in bear country," the bloody 50-year-old said in a video he filmed just moments after the attacks.
VICE Staff

How to Date When You're Young and Broke

Hint: You'll be doing lots of stuff outdoors.
Jay Stephens

​We Spoke to the Stoner Who Snapchatted for 24 Hours Straight While Walking Canada’s Longest Street

An idea that was birthed in pot smoke and ended in a baptism of sewage water. Solid Saturday.
Jake Kivanc

How 'Dance Dance Revolution' Helped Me Recover After a Gigantic Boulder Fell on Me

Back in 2000 I was the 'DDR' king of my local arcade. And then a gigantic rock almost crushed me to death.
Luke McKinney
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One BC Emergency Rescuer Is Tired of Saving Dumb Hikers

If you're going to climb a mountain, you should probably bring things other than Gucci sneakers and a T-shirt.
Jake Kivanc
wonder twins

Freeskiing's Blonde Wonder Twins (that aren't actually twins)

We got to spend a down day with free-skiers Johnny and Angel Collinson to hike, have a barbecue and go bouldering.
VICE Sports

The Man Who Wasn’t There

In 2010 one of Australia's most notorious crime bosses, Carl Williams, was murdered at Victoria's Barwon Prison. A little over a year later the prison's general manager, David Prideaux, disappeared on a hunting trip. His body has never been found.
Julian Morgans