This Guy Infiltrated Hollywood for the Mob and Pulled Off a Major Scam

He was buds with Marilyn Monroe and (of course) involved in shady union extortion shit. Then he got whacked.
Seth Ferranti
6 hours ago

More Hollywood Liberals Should Be Showing Support for the Trans Community

LGBTQ celebs and close allies carried the weight of high-profile responses to a potential anti-trans proposal amid calls for solidarity in the first week of protest.
Taylor Hosking

This Is the Best Version of 'A Star Is Born' Yet

To prep for the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper reboot, I watched all the old versions, and the new one is the best of the bunch.
Kara Weisenstein
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Someone Put Trump's Hollywood Star Behind Bars

And locked him up.
Drew Schwartz

I Followed Mark Wahlberg's Ridiculous Daily Routine

Why does he wake up at 2:30 AM? Why does he snack so much? Why spend 90 minutes in the shower? There was only one way to find out.
Tom Usher

We Owe These Ten Black Actors One of Michael Che's 'Reparations Emmys'

Some of TV's most celebrated characters went strikingly under-acknowledged in their time.
Taylor Hosking

Award Shows Are Too Out of Touch to Be Saved

Nights like the VMAs are shrinking in cultural importance, and there’s no turning back.
Connor Garel

The Lasting Legacy of Hollywood’s Recent Casting Controversies

For years the industry has been accused of whitewashing roles in its films. Here’s a timeline of the recent offenders.
Connor Garel
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Trump Fans Spent $1,000 Putting Dozens of Peel-Off Stars on the Walk of Fame

Because nothing infuriates the libs more than giant stickers.
Drew Schwartz

Dinesh D'Souza’s New Doc 'Death of a Nation' Premiered to a Hellish Room of Far-Right Stars

D'Souza pulled out all the stops in getting every conspiracy theorist and far-right talking head to the premiere of his newest film, 'Death of a Nation.'
Justin Caffier
one more time

I Rewatched 'The Hobbit' to Figure Out Why Movies Have Gotten So Ugly

The first film of the Hobbit trilogy was slammed for looking awful at the time of its release. So why do so many movies look just like it all these years later?
Justin Caffier

Guy Who Destroyed Trump's Star Getting Bailed Out by the First Guy to Smash It

He's reportedly ponying up thousands in a show of remarkable solidarity.
Drew Schwartz