Holocaust denial


There was a huge spike in anti-Semitism in Canada in 2016

But Donald Trump is not to blame, says B’nai Brith


In Praise of Crackpots Who Go Way Out on a Limb, and Then Suffer for It

There's still guilt-free joy to be found in the suffering of others, if you know where to look.


Ultra-Orthodox Anti-Zionist Jews Held an Israeli-Flag-Burning Protest in London Yesterday

Mainstream Jews are worried that the protest against Israel might stoke anti-Semitism.


The Iranian Government Erected a Monument to Make Nice with Its Jewish Citizens

Jews in Iran haven't always been treated like fellow countrymen, so a newly-erected monument honoring Jews who fought in the Iran-Iraq War serves as a proverbial olive branch.


No Higgs Boson of Hitler: Ron Rosenbaum Explains 'Explaining Hitler'

In 1998 the journalist Ron Rosenbaum published Explaining Hitler. Contrary to what the title might suggest, it is not an explanation of Hitler, per se, but rather a 500-page meta-analysis of different theories intended to explain Hitler. This...


No One Wants a Nazi Body Except These Shady Catholics

After Erich Priebke, a Nazi war criminal, died on October 11, nobody expressed any interest in dealing with his corpse for an entire five days. Then, last Tuesday, the controversial Lefebvrian community announced that the funeral would take place in...