• 6.5.17

      How to End a Bad Bromance

      Leaving behind a bro can be a solitary experience filled with regret, like pooping in a spacesuit.

    • 8.6.14

      Getting Gang Tattoos Removed in East Los Angeles

      Homeboy Industries helps former gang members with everything from education to employment. But their most popular service is tattoo removal.

    • 6.2.14

      My Homie Sells Homies

      We traveled to New York City's forgotten borough, Staten Island, to find out how a guy named "Sugar Man" created a small vending empire—and subsequently lost it—one quarter at a time.

    • 4.30.14

      VICE Profiles - Trailer

      VICE Profiles is a weekly window into our eccentric and idiosyncratic world. VICE Profiles airs Mondays on VICE.com. Keep an eye out for the series premiere, coming May 5.

    • 8.17.13

      The Amazing Falcon Bowse T-Shirt Transformation Program

      Falcon Bowse has spent many years traveling between New York and San Francisco tattooing people and doing interior design. His most recent project, the Amazing Falcon Bowse T-shirt Transformation Program, creates five-panel hats out of t-shirts.

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