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Here's What Kind of House $500,000 Gets You Across Canada

Spoiler alert: pretty tight quarters if you’re in Vancouver and Toronto.


Toronto home prices climb above $800,000 for the first time since May 2017

After an 11-month slump, Toronto’s housing market is showing its first real signs of recovery


Canada is at risk of a banking crisis

Bank for International Settlements warns that high household debt could be a threat to Canada's banking system


2017 was the year of the condo in Canada's biggest cities

Condo prices in Toronto rose by 22% this year despite new housing rules


In Toronto, condominiums have managed to dodge the real estate slowdown

“We have reached a point where there aren’t too many parking lots left to build on.”


Six Canadian banks hit with credit downgrade

It’s a warning sign that we have a big, fat, consumer debt problem


Canada's housing market looks a lot like the U.S. right before the crash

Things are looking eerily similar to the 2007 U.S. market


Making Friends with the People Camping Overnight in the Rain to Buy an 'Affordable' London Home

People will sleep on the streets for the chance to buy a shoe-box flat.


Slam Dunks

After the sun sets and parents tuck their kids into bed, the neighborhood houses wake up and come out to play.