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Canada Keeps Making It Harder For Millennials to Get Into the Housing Market

Today’s Bank of Canada rate hike is just the latest thing pushing young Canadians further from home ownership.


I Used San Francisco’s Multi-Million-Dollar Open Houses as My Own Buffet

And was only mildly humiliated in the process.


Young Canadians are Giving Up on Home Ownership

But it’s because the government has made it too difficult to qualify for a mortgage, says a new report.


Greedy Bankers Are Already Creating the Next Financial Crisis

Banks have record profits, but Democrats and Republicans both seem determined to play with disaster.


Half of all renters in Toronto spend more on housing than they can afford

47 percent of Toronto households spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent


B.C.'s foreign buyers tax hike simply a “political move” say experts

“The NDP picked up a hot potato from the Liberals and were under immense pressure to get real estate in order.”


2018 might just be the year to buy a home

Canada’s new mortgage rules guaranteed to “further slow down the market”


It will be much harder to qualify for a mortgage come January 2018

But experts say the government’s latest round of mortgage rules are “unnecessary”


I Was Paid $400 to Wait in Line at a Condo Sale

Metro Vancouver’s out-of-control housing market has an absurd new gig for struggling young people.


Rental housing advocacy group claims Ontario’s rent control rules have backfired

Report says 1,000 purpose-built rental units in Toronto are now set to be sold off as condominiums


In Toronto, condominiums have managed to dodge the real estate slowdown

“We have reached a point where there aren’t too many parking lots left to build on.”