White Nationalism

The Idaho GOP is helping an alt-right YouTube star marry her Austrian white nationalist boyfriend

Martin Sellner says he lost his travel privileges after being investigated for his ties to the mosque mass shooter in Christchurch.
Tess Owen
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That Teacher Who Fed a Live Puppy to a Turtle Was Found Not Guilty

Robert Crosland was facing animal cruelty charges, but his students wound up coming to his defense.
River Donaghey
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Questions for the Science Teacher Who Allegedly Fed a Live Puppy to a Turtle

We've got a few.
Drew Schwartz

'Here Come the Future Criminals': Refugees, Racists, and Youth Soccer in Idaho

Jeromy Tarkon moved to Boise from California because of his conservative politics. He never imagined he'd find himself defending refugees on his kids' soccer team from racists.
Graham Parker
climate change

Wildfires are raging across western North America and climate change is contributing

8.1 million acres of forest has burned throughout the United States, as volatile weather makes the west increasingly ripe for wildfires. The fires nearly reached the Burning Man festival.
Hilary Beaumont

After Getting Kicked Out of the Sun Belt, Idaho Uncorks 61 Points to Win Potato Bowl

Idaho will drop from FBS to FCS after next year, making them the ultimate "no one believes in us" team.
Kevin Trahan

The Former Sanders Fans Who Now Say 'Fuck You, Bernie'

After Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, a segment of his supporters turned on him and are denouncing him for being just another sellout politician.
Christopher Ketcham
college football

With Idaho Dropping Big-Time College Football, Will Other Mid-Majors Follow?

Idaho's decision to drop out of NCAA Division I FBS is an object lesson in the false promise of chasing after big-time football success. What does it augur for other mid-majors?
Michael Weinreb

When Someone You Love Dies in Police Custody and They Blame 'Excited Delirium'

Many cops are taught that some people lose it, gain superhuman strength, and die. But is the condition real?
Tana Ganeva
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Idaho Had to Replace Mile Marker 420 with Marker Number 419.9 Because You Stoned Idiots Kept Stealing It

We get it, you smoke weed.
Mike Pearl

"What Are We to the Stars?": Neurosis' Steve Von Till Gets Deep on the Majestic Splendor of Idaho

We speak to the psych-metal legend about his badass new solo record, and staying punk in the country.
Leah Sottile

The Freedom and Danger of Train-Hopping Across America

Adventurer and photographer Mike Ranta spent five months riding freight trains through the American West and documenting what he saw.
Peter Hoffmeister