Imperial Metals


Still No Charges for the Company Behind Canada’s Largest Mining Spill

Canada has one of the worst records on the planet for making polluters like Imperial Metals pay.
Carol Linnitt

Mount Polley Mine’s Headquarters Raided Six Months After Massive Spill

Four government agencies executed four search warrants as part of a joint investigation into the mining disaster. Meanwhile, Imperial Metals' Red Chris mine in northern BC started digging.
Sarah Berman

What We Learned About Canada’s Environment in 2014

As far as Canada's federal government was concerned, the environment was a non-issue in 2014. Protesters and First Nations begged to differ. Also: Dumpcano.
Sarah Berman

First Nations Are Blockading an Imperial Metals Mine, and the RCMP May Intervene

First Nations opposition to Mount Polley’s soon-to-be-opened sister mine is heating up in northern British Columbia. As Imperial Metals applies for a court order to remove protesters, activists are gearing up for a possible clash with RCMP.
Sarah Berman

Reporting From the First Nations Resistance Camp That's Evicting Mining Companies Around Mount Polley

After a man-made lake full of mining waste spilled in British Columbia in early August, locals have been up in arms about the residual damage caused. We visited an active First Nations mining resistance camp that sits eight kilometres away from the...
Sarah Berman

The Mt Polley Mine Disaster Has Produced a Mysterious Blue Substance

In the aftermath of the Mount Polley mine disaster, scientists have discovered a mystery blue wax that stings like a jellyfish.
David P. Ball

This Couple Is Raising a Child at a Tailings Pond Blockade

We visited Molly Wickham and Cody Merriman, a couple raising their three-year old son at a blockade on unsurrendered indigenous land in British Columbia. The land is the site of a mining company backed tailings pond proposal that aims to create a...
Michael Toledano

The Mount Polley Tailings Pond Disaster Has Sparked a First Nation Blockade

The collapse of a man-made lake full of mining waste in BC last week sparked outrage among environmentalists the world over. Now a First Nations group in a town 12 hours north has established a blockade at a separate mining development owned by the...
Sarah Berman