Indian Act


Ian Campeau on Leaving A Tribe Called Red for a Life of Advocacy

‘In Tribe I didn't feel I was doing the political work I could be doing.’
Joshua Ostroff
Indigenous Affairs

Changes to Canada’s Indian Act could give up to 2 million people Indian status

The Senate is trying to make huge changes to the Indian Act, but the Trudeau government is vowing to block their amendments, which would vastly expand who is considered ‘Indian’
Tamara Khandaker
Rhiannon Johnson

This Unrecognized Aboriginal Community Is Pissing Off Quebec Mohawks

Indigeneous leaders say the Mikinaks are making a mockery of their struggle.
Brigitte Noël

Protesters Keep Shutting Down the Line 9 Oil Pipeline

The most recent potentially dangerous act of shutting off and chaining themselves to the valve was done in the name of Indigenous land claims.
David Gray-Donald

This Family Has Been Trying to Access Missing Daughter’s Medical Info To See If She’s Still Alive

Regulations around government records for Status Indians makes it impossible for even investigators to access basic clues to her whereabouts.
Jane Gerster

Inside the Course Mounties Are Taking to Improve Their Relationship with First Nations

But can a two-day course really improve decades of abuse and mistrust?
Jane Gerster

Skateboard Decks Highlighting First Nations Issues are Super Popular in Saskatchewan

The debut design from Colonialism Skateboards brings the history of the Pass and Permit System to halfpipes across the province.
Sierra Bein

How Indian Status Figures Into the Unsolved Case of a Murdered Aboriginal Woman

Sonya Cywink died without an aboriginal name or official Indian status. But her story is very much a part of the 1,200 murdered and missing aboriginal women in Canada.
Jane Gerster

27 Years of Silence: The Family of Missing Alberta Aboriginal Woman Is Still Searching for Answers

Neither Carol nor Marilyn wants to claim that police would have handled Roberta's disappearance differently if she'd been white.But the women share a single view of how police handle cases involving indigenous persons.
Jane Gerster

Dene People in Northern Saskatchewan Are Resisting Uranium and Tar Sands Mining

While public attention focuses on oil sands extraction in Alberta, a group of remote northern Dene trappers are fighting to preserve some of their traditional land from uranium miners.
Michael Toledano

A "Horrific" First Nations Education Bill Is Stirring Up Memories of Residential Schools

After opening up old wounds through the history of residential school resentment, aboriginal Education Bill C-33 falls woefully short in its promise to improve on-reserve education.
Remi L. Roy