Indie Music

Remembering Things

‘Antidotes’ Still Hints at Foals Being This Generation’s Radiohead

Ten years on, Foals' first record is a singular, expansive piece of art.
Sam Willis

Hookworms Rose from Rock Bottom to Find Light in Dance-y Escapism

The former psych-heads’ 'Microshift' uses music as a way to escape inner turmoil, rather than wallow in it.
Tom Connick
First Dates

I Ate Loads of Vegan Fried Chicken With Orlando Weeks From the Maccabees

I discovered he's a Leo, his favorite film is 'Dunkirk,' and he likes to make collages out of postcards in his spare time.
Daisy Jones
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Clips of LCD Soundsystem's First Performance in Five Years

See videos of the New York band's first performance in five years, featuring "Dance Yrself Clean," "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House," and "All My Friends"
John Hill
Longreads Or Whatever

How a Kid Running an Obscure Music Forum Became the Target Of the UK's Biggest Ever Piracy Case

From his bedroom in North East England, Kane Robinson ran a music forum for 12,000 enthusiastic indie fans. But did a uni student with no prior convictions really deserve two years in prison?
Joe Zadeh
VICE vs Video games

Britain’s Music Industry Needs to Take Lessons from the Indie Gaming Scene

New music is in a funk, with base competence alone serving as a selling point. Labels would be wise to look to gaming for guidance through these depressing greys.
Mike Diver

How Old White Guys Created the 'Oscar Movie' Genre

We're going to see the same sort of films get nominated again and again as long as the Academy stays old, white, and male.
Ben York Jones

Photos of Bottoms Hating Their Bodies

Photography Amy Lombard followed the gay punk band bottoms around Brooklyn as they huffed poppers, hung out at a grimy art space, and sang songs about hating their bodies.
Mitchell Sunderland

JD Samson's Life After MEN

JD Samson's queer art and music collective MEN has decided to call it quits, so we spoke to the queer icon about what's next.
John Norris

Punk Supergroup Slink Is Making Christmas Even Gayer Than It Already Was

In honor of the gayest holiday of the year, gay indie supergroup Slink released a smelly perfume and new music video with Los Angeles cult hero Angelyne.
John Tuite
VICE Premiere

Listen to R. Stevie Moore's "Everyone Is So Ignorant"

R. Stevie Moore has released more than 400 recording projects since 1968. The latest addition to his storied catalog is a single called "Everybody Is So Ignorant," and you can listen to it right here.
Charlie Ambler

Kevin Drew Just Wants to Kiss Somebody

See the premiere of his new video for "Mexican Aftershow Party" and read his thoughts on literally every subject ever.
Eric Sundermann