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Kero Kero Bonito Changed the Rules: Albums Drop on Mondays Now

The London trio's surprise-released second album, 'Time 'n' Place', makes a nostalgia for suburbia into something universal, and beautiful.
Tshepo Mokoena

Devon Welsh Is a Voice of Reason on His Solo Debut 'Dream Songs'

Stream the Majical Cloudz frontman's debut solo album, a record made for introspective weirdos like you and me.
Eric Sundermann
New music

Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn Join Up Again for New Song "Bad Dreams"

The poppy track comes from 'Apart,' the upcoming EP from the duo, who last released music together in 2009.
Lauren O'Neill

Is Okay Kaya Living in Pop Music's Future?

The 27-year-old singer has the potential to be the next biggest thing in music. With her upcoming album 'Both,' can she do it?
Reed Jackson

There's Not Much Indie Pop as Good as This New Song by Nice Try

The Bloomington, Indiana band are back with "Smart," a song about the importance of trusting your own feelings, that's sickly sweet and out of control.
Colin Joyce

Dom Is Finally Out of the Shit

The Massachusetts songwriter was one of blog rock's big success stories, turning an internet hit into a major-label deal and a collaboration with Gucci Mane. Then he disappeared for a while.
Cam Lindsay

Get Fuzzed Up with Dutch Party

The indie pop artist premieres the cinematic video for "Now and Later," which was inspired by 'The Hustler.'
Dan Hyman

Teen Ravine's "Hall of Horrors" Is Sophisti-Pop for Out-of-Body Experiences

"We want to make music that feels like you're floating in a warm bath occasionally looking down at your weird naked body."
Phil Witmer
whoa, dude!

Belle & Sebastian Accidentally Forgot Their Drummer at a Rest Stop

Oh get him away from there, he's dying (but not actually).
Phil Witmer
New music

Purity Ring's "Asido" Is Goth-Trap-Pop Perfection

The electronic duo's first new song in years doubles down on what made them special in the first place.
Phil Witmer

Local Natives’ Kelcey Ayer Debuts His Dark Solo Project Jaws of Love.

Listen to the first single from the songwriter's record 'Close to the Piano,' out September 22.
Aly Comingore
Longreads Or Whatever

Los Campesinos!: A Band Who Care About the Past Because We're All Scared of the Future

How dwelling on mundanity and escaping through nostalgia has kept "your ex-girlfriend's favourite band" thriving for over a decade.
Nina Posner