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Ellen Page Urges Trudeau to ‘Do Something’ as Indigenous House Demolished

Page made the comment after visiting a Mi’kmaq resistance camp against the Alton Gas natural gas project in Nova Scotia.
Hilary Beaumont
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Settler Governments Still Fail at Representing Indigenous People

We vote as means of “harm reduction”—but the outcomes are always stacked against us.
Samantha Marie Nock

What the Supreme Court Ruling on First Nations Consultation Means for Pipelines

Legal experts say we’re still years away from any clarity on the issue.
Sarah Berman

‘Tiny House Warriors’ Are Occupying a Park on Kinder Morgan’s Pipeline Route

Secwepemc land defenders’ fight to block the Trans Mountain expansion with tiny houses has just begun.
Sarah Berman
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How Reporting on Colten Boushie’s Death Changed Me

As a lone Indigenous journalist covering the story, I saw him as a relative.
Ntawnis Piapot
indigenous rights

Putting Canada’s violent history in storage

Halifax votes to temporarily remove a controversial statue of city founder Edward Cornwallis while it figures out how to celebrate Indigenous history.
Ashley Renders
First Nations

This Ontario Indigenous Community Has Never Surrendered Its Territory

Wiikwemkoong First Nation has been fighting for its land for 155 years.
Sophie Woodrooffe

A violent assault is shining a light on Thunder Bay’s history of racism

A trailer hitch thrown at a First Nations woman is shining a light on the racism that Indigenous people say they endure regularly.
Tamara Khandaker
indigenous rights

Anger and hope in Val-d’Or

Quebec is embarking on a landmark inquest into how government institutions treat Indigenous people following a police scandal
Brigitte Noël
indigenous rights

Tiny town in Labrador looks to the federal government to solve its water crisis

More than 160 communities in Newfoundland don’t have clean water to drink. But for the tiny town of Black Tickle, a Supreme Court ruling and land claim could change everything.
Hilary Beaumont
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Journalist faces 10 years in jail for violating an injunction to report on Labrador dam

Justin Brake was reporting on the controversial Muskrat Falls dam
Hilary Beaumont
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How a Mining Disaster Devastated an Indigenous Group in Brazil

The toxic spill that contaminated the Rio Doce river continues to affect the Krenak people.
Nigel Irwin