Prison Guards Share their Experiences with 'One Percenter' Inmates

The "one percenters" are those deemed so unruly that they spend the majority of their sentences in solitary confinement.
Nick Chester
Drug tests

Former Inmates Told Us How They Beat Drug Tests While Behind Bars

You learn quite a few tricks in the pen.
Seth Ferranti
hurricane florence

At least 650 inmates in South Carolina could be stranded when Hurricane Florence hits

“Previously, it’s been safer to stay in place with the inmates rather than move to another location," the South Carolina Department of Corrections told VICE News.
Tess Owen
Australia Today

NSW Prison Guards Keep Getting Caught Having Sex With Inmates

The husband rang Kempsey prison demanding the name of the officer but was told, “Sorry, it’s an inmate.”
Mahmood Fazal
Inside Outsider

Australian Inmates Explain the Bloody Process of Joining a Prison Gang

"I pulled the shiv down his back twice and left a big cross that pissed blood everywhere."
Mahmood Fazal

Prisoners Talk About How They Make and Waste Money on the Inside

"My mate books escorts and then I ring him at the brothel. I’ll listen as he fucks them how I want."
Mahmood Fazal
hard time

We Asked Prisoners How They Would Blow Lottery Winnings

The criminal lifestyle is fuelled by one motivator: money.
Mahmood Fazal
Vice News Tonight

Jails are replacing visits with video chats and families are devastated

The replacement of in-person jail visits with video calls.
Antonia Hylton
Cassandra Giraldo

Dispatches from the inside of Quebec’s crumbling jails

Overcrowding remains a chronic problem and healthcare services are lacking within the province's penitentiaries, say those who have been on the inside.
Brigitte Noël

Prisons in the UK Are Facing a Synthetic Marijuana Epidemic

The government has described the synthetic weed Spice as "the most serious threat to the safety and security of the prison system," and it's not wrong.
Max Daly

I Got My Car Fixed in a Polish Prison

Warsaw's Rakowiecka Prison doesn't advertise—since it's one of the best car repair centers in the city, word of mouth is enough to keep the inmates busy.
Ana Zalewska
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New York City Is Finally Done Sending Teens to Solitary

Punitive segregation—a.k.a. solitary confinement—is history for all inmates 21 or younger in America's largest city.
River Donaghey