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The Rockets and Warriors are on a Collision Course for China's Heart

The NBA's two best teams are also the most popular clubs in the world's most populous country. If they square off in the postseason, so much more than a trip to the Finals will be at stake.
Alex Wong

For Basketball Players Like Josh Magette On The NBA's Edge, Summer Is About Betting On Yourself

The NBA Summer League is full of players like Josh Magette, for whom the NBA is a dream and basketball is a demanding, humbling job. This is what it's like.
Harrison Faigen

Escape From Sacramento: Boogie Cousins Goes To The Rio Olympics

DeMarcus Cousins is one of the best players in the NBA, and one of its most intriguing eccentrics. This summer, he finally gets to escape Sacramento and ball out.
John Wilmes
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At The Basketball Tournament, Career Opportunities Are Second to Fun

The Basketball Tournament has a $2 million grand prize and an ESPN broadcast deal—which makes it that much more surprising that the players are just there to ball.
David Vertsberger
Rio 2016

Five Fascinating International Basketball Oddballs To Watch In The Rio Games

Rio won't lack NBA star power, but you already know those guys. Here are five ace international players without NBA experience who will keep things interesting.
Gabe Stutman
the basketball tournament

For Love And Money: The Rise Of Alumni Teams In The Basketball Tournament

The $2 million grand prize in the The Basketball Tournament provides incentive, but the chance to play with ex-teammates has added sentimental appeal—and shaken up the event.
Tim Casey
the basketball tournament

DerMarr Johnson Is Alive And Well (And Dominating)

... Well, dominating in the $2 million The Basketball Tournament. At 36, one of the unluckiest lottery picks ever can still play, and is looking for his next move.
Tim Casey

From the Death Lineup to Death by KAT: Four Ways the NBA Evolved in 2015-16

From an ongoing influx of international big men to back-to-the-future isolation play, these four trends defined the NBA in 2015-16 and figure to shape the league in the years to come.
Adam Mares

What It's Like to Be Traded by a NBA Team from Across the World

In a league forever in search of shortcuts, the draft rights to players who are not in the NBA have become a popular trade chip. Maarty Leunen was in Italy when he read that he had been traded for Josh Smith on ESPN.
Rafael Canton

The Game-Changer: Dikembe Mutombo's Hall of Fame Legacy Goes Beyond Basketball

Dikembe Mutombo blocked thousands of shots in his career, but he's dedicated his life to making bigger changes in people's lives.
Ian Levy

High Hopes and Olympic Hoop Dreams in France

As France's elder statesmen of basketball—Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Mickaël Gelabale—near the ends of their careers, Les Bleus are dead-set on defending their EuroBasket title and getting a bid to Rio.
Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff
the basketball tournament

How to Win a Million Dollars Playing Basketball

The Basketball Tournament awards one team a million dollars; everyone else gets nothing. This year's winning squad started with four players.
Tim Casey