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Le Tournoi de France

Remembering Roberto Carlos' Immortal Goal at Le Tournoi

It has been 20 years since Le Tournoi gave football one of the greatest goals of all time. Roberto Carlos' strike lit up the competition, but it was England who triumphed in this oft-forgotten international contest.
Jim Weeks

​The Myth and Magic of Jose Leandro Andrade, Soccer's First Black Icon

At times, the story of Jose Leandro Andrade sounds semi-fictional – and aspects of it probably are. But, rather than diminish his incredible legacy, this uncertainty strengthens the intrigue surrounding one of football's first truly global icons.
Jim Weeks

When it Comes to the World Cup, Bigger Does Not Mean Better

The expanded 48-team World Cup is a shining example of the wisdom of an old phrase: be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.
Tim Vickery
qatar and human rights

Does Qatar's Soccer Policy Put Players at Risk of Exploitation?

Qatar's policy of naturalising players for its national team attracts footballers from across the globe to try their luck in the country. But, given the potential pitfalls of the kafala system, this can leave them vulnerable to exploitation.
Hayden Vernon
san marino vs. thomas muller

Is There Any Developmental Value In Teams Like San Marino Playing World Cup Qualifiers?

With a tiff between Thomas Muller and San Marino currently making waves, it’s worth asking whether or not there’s any real value in international minnows playing teams like Germany.
Will Magee
please take me home

​Trauma in Tbilisi: Remembering Wales' 5-0 Defeat to Georgia

In November 1994, Wales travelled to Georgia for a Euro '96 qualifier – and the hosts ran riot. What happened in Tbilisi that day would go down as one of the worst Welsh showings on the international stage.
Jim Weeks

Risen From Réunion: Dimitri Payet's Winding Journey to the Top

Part of the magic of football is that the route to the top is a magnificently inexact science. Dimitri Payet is now firmly established as one of Europe's most gifted players, but his rise to international success was neither simple nor fast.
Alex Hess
keeping it simple

The Cult: Gabriel Batistuta

This week's addition to The Cult wrote his name in football history as a prolific goalscorer for both club and country. It was for this reason that Gabriel Batistuta became better known as "Batigol".
Juan Regis
resigning in the shitter

True Nobility In The Bogs: Remembering The End Of Kevin Keegan’s England Reign

On this day, 16 years ago, England lost their last ever match at the old Wembley Stadium. What ensued was both hilarious and poignant, in the way that only Kevin Keegan could be.
Will Magee
mortal kombat - finish him!

Poland’s World Cup Qualifier Against Kazakhstan: Elbows, Chokeholds and a Bloody Nose

Things got really fucking tetchy between Poland and Kazakhstan on Sunday evening. Like, really fucking tetchy.
UK Sports Staff

Kosovo Prepare For International Football Debut Amid Continued Controversy

Kosovo will make their competitive international debut tonight – but half of the team still don’t know if they’ll be allowed to play.
Mike Meehall Wood
international football

The Global Game: Is Exporting Players the Key to National Team Success?

The best footballing nations are exportation leaders – or so the data suggests. Is it time for England to start sending players abroad to make them more complete both on and off the pitch?
Daniel Vincent