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Garfield's Lament: Grumpy Cat Was a Meme Born Dead

Garfield and Grumpy Cat are selling the same joke. So why do they have completely different digital lives?
Caroline Haskins
2 days ago
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This Internet Theory Explains Why We All Wind Up with the Same False Memories

It's called the "Mandela Effect."
VICE Staff

meet the artist making memes in real life

Tom Galle's art is perfect for your Friday procrastination session.
Juule Kay
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Dril, the Only Account on Twitter, Has a Book Now

'Dril Official Mr. Ten Years Anniversary Collection' appears to be 420 pages long.
Peter Slattery

Talking to Jomny Sun: Here’s What Twitter’s Alien Philosopher King Is Doing Now

Obviously, it's weird.
Graham Isador

I Spent a Week Making New Friends Exclusively Through Bunz Trading Zone

From tennis to Beyoncé dancing to free coke offers from strangers, meeting friends on the internet has its benefits.
Ebony-Renee Baker

Diving Deep into the NSFW Side of LinkedIn

Ever since the "social network for professionals" changed the way its timeline works, people have started trying to go viral in the hope it'll get them a job.
Thomas Hobbs

I Asked Strangers on the Internet to Insult Me for a Laugh

A subreddit where people upload photos of themselves and ask Redditors to "roast" them went viral yesterday, so I thought I'd give it a go.
Oobah Butler
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Invasive Social Media Technology Is Everywhere and No One Seems to Care

Excessive porn has desensitized us to graphic sex, and the 24-hour news cycles has numbed us to graphic trauma. But has internet culture, from face swaps to Pepe the Frog, made surrealism normal?
Angus Harrison

How to Make a Play About Technology as Human as Possible

'Darknet' opens this week at London's Southwark Playhouse. Playwright Rose Lewenstein and director Russell Bender discuss their creative process.
Amelia Dimoldenberg

How a Dog Named Tuna Became Beloved, Rich, and Famous on Instagram

Tuna has over a million followers, a book deal, and a line of merchandise. Grumpy Cat has made her owner nearly $100 million. What makes these monetizable pets so special?
Amelia Dimoldenberg, Photos: Chris Bethell

What It's Like to Be a Popular 'Weird Twitter' Personality

Is it strange going from tweeting jokes to 30 followers to suddenly having a captive audience of thousands?
Tom Usher