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    • 12.17.14

      Indiegogo Life Is the Newest Frontier in Digital Panhandling

      By opening a crowdfunding platform with no pretense of "funding" anything other than a person's needs or wants, did Indiegogo essentially build an entire site just for the ​potato salad Kickstarter guy?

    • 10.14.13

      This Halloween, Burn a Kitten with a Pyropet

      Pyropet is a cat-shaped candle perfectly timed for Halloween: you burn the kitty candle, and as it melts, a surprise is revealed—a charred, devilish skeleton with fangs. We spoke to the designer in Iceland—where they don’t even celebrate Halloween.

    • 7.11.13

      The VICE Podcast Show - Chris Soghoian from the ACLU

      A few years ago, FBI agents busted through Chris Soghoian's front door, ransacked his house, and confiscated his computers. Why would this happen to a mild-mannered techie guy with no history of criminal activity? Because Chris had made an ingenious...

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    • 9.17.12

      The Horrors of Staying in Touch on Facebook

      Instead of enjoying this new way to stay “connected,” we feel worse. More lonely, more disconnected, less sure of ourselves and who we are and if we’re doing OK with our lives. Just look at that job my eighth-grade lab partner got today, or the guy my...