Rank Your Records

Scott Devendorf Ranks the National's Stormy Rock Records

Ahead of their new album 'I Am Easy to Find,' the band's bassist reflects on their moving music, which has shown up on arena stages and in MMA movies.
Dan Ozzi
3 days ago

Erika de Casier's R&B Feels Like Hitting the Club with an Old Friend

The hit-after-hit energy of her debut album 'Essentials' earns its title, which nods to classic best-of CDs.
Sam Goldner
4 days ago

Emotional Oranges Are 'Normal' People Making R&B More Mysterious

Noisey spoke to the anonymous R&B group about the release of their debut EP, 'The Juice Vol. 1.'
Eduardo Cepeda

Holly Herndon's New, AI-Spawned Album Is Full of Humanity

For 'PROTO,' the artist and her collaborators built an AI that was trained on their voices. The music it produced is eerie at times, but it's full of life.
Leah Mandel

Pink Sweat$ Is Putting Love Back in R&B

Philadelphia singer isn't afraid to sing about love, even if it's dysfunctional.
Kristin Corry

Bill Hader on the Dark Arts of Running an HBO Show

We spoke to Hader about season two of ‘Barry,’ auteur film theory, and how being a cop in 'Superbad' helped him prepare for the most interesting role of his career.
Nick Rose
First Dates

A Pensive, Museum Date with Big Thief's Adrianne Lenker

As the Brooklyn band release their third album 'U.F.O.F.', I took Lenker to a slightly creepy childhood museum to talk tours, John Prine, and the intangible.
Lauren O'Neill

Meet the Taylor Swift Stan Who Went to Jail

The slammer could not hold back the power of the @LegitTayUpdates fan Twitter account.
Funké Joseph

'Shazam!' Actor Zachary Levi on Finally Landing a Superhero Role

VICE had a chat with the actor about his DC movie, and the state of fandom in 2019
Noel Ransome
Question Of The Day

We Asked People About the First Time They Fell in Love

"After three weeks – I was very young so don’t judge me – I told her that I loved her. Then it went on for six years."
Mustika Hapsoro

Eric Andre Isn’t as Confident as You Think He Is

With 'The Eric Andre Show’ making its Canadian debut, we spoke to Eric about the relationship between fear and comedy.
Noel Ransome

Jimmy Buffett on the Role He Was Born to Play: Himself

We talked to the king parrothead about his role in 'The Beach Bum,' working with Snoop Dogg, and why retirement is overrated.
Will Schube