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People Explain What They Thought of the Movies Based on Their Lives

"The producers basically just took a part of my life story, did whatever they wanted, and it was like: to hell with you."
Laura Woods

This Handy Website Shows the Best Spots to Have Sex in Public offers over 12,000 user-reviewed places for couples to bone outside the comforts of their own home.
Jordi Llorca
Festival Season!

Sensation is Coming Back to Canada with “Innerspace” in Quebec

This year boasts of a "spiritual experience" and "a higher state of consciousness." Fancy.
THUMP Canada Staff

The 50 Best Albums of 2014 | 50 - 41

We start the countdown with a tie between Deadmau5 and Azealia Banks and it only gets hotter from there.
Festival Season!

Bud Light Sensation Toronto Was A Picturesque Night

Not one photo from this night could turn out bad.
THUMP Canada Staff
Festival Season!

Bud Light Sensation's Return To Toronto Goes Wild

Morality was left at home as some of the finest names in dance music summoned the crowd’s inner animal.
Kathryn Kyte
Festival Season!

Relive A Decade’s Worth of Sensation Moments

We take a trip down memory lane in this audial and visual history of Sensation.
Jesse Champagne
skol beats factory reportagens

Explore Bud Light Sensation with Eric Prydz

There is no singular God within dance music, but Eric Prydz is surely its Prophet.
Jesse Champagne
skol beats factory reportagens

Explore Bud Light Sensation with Baggi Begovic

You've heard his beats in your favourite clubs, but what you haven’t heard is his incredible story.
Jesse Champagne
skol beats factory reportagens

Explore Bud Light Sensation with Mr. White

Canada's favourite wintertime event is just around the corner, let us acquaint you with Mr. White.
Jesse Champagne
skol beats factory reportagens

GIVEAWAY: Two VIP Tickets to Bud Light Sensation Toronto

Enter for a chance to win a pair of VIP tickets for this one of a kind event headed to Toronto on November 29.
THUMP Canada Staff
Festival Season!

Bud Light Sensation’s Into the Wild: Official Line Up

The world’s leading dance event has a legendary line up set for Toronto.
Rachael D’Amore