con men

The Wild Story of Whitaker Wright, the Con Man Who Killed Himself in Court

The Bernie Madoff of the late 1800s, he was "the world's most shameless swindler."
Seth Ferranti
Cannabis stocks

Things to Consider If You’re Thinking About Buying a Weed Stock

Cannabis stocks have been on a tear the last few years in Canada, but there are still many questions around how—or if you should even bother—trying to get in on the action.
Anne Gaviola
Scramble for the Arctic

Canada welcomes China’s plan to build a “Polar Silk Road” in the Arctic

Climate change means new access to resources and shipping routes as analysts downplay risk of geopolitical confrontation
Chris Arsenault
Corporate accountability

New watchdog to investigate Canadian companies for human rights abuses

New ombudsperson will investigate the Canadian companies overseas that make your clothes and mine materials for your electronics.
Hilary Beaumont

Do Not Go into Debt to Buy Bitcoin, You Idiots

A professor explains what's going on with the so-called cryptocurrency and why it's probably too late to make a fortune off of it.
Allie Conti

Let this newly-launched AI run your investments for you

MIND is Canada’s first ever exchange-traded fund that will use artificial intelligence to pick stocks
Vanmala Subramaniam
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What your pet is actually costing you

The companionship may be priceless, but kitty litter ain’t cheap
Kate Fane

7 ways to be savvy about money as a new parent

Invest your kid’s birthday money and don’t touch your savings
David Lester
Here Be Dragons

How I Accidentally Invested in Big Tobacco

Or: conclusive proof that betting against the world really does make you richer.
Martin Robbins
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Magic: The Gathering: The Investment

If you were an “indoor kid,” you may be in luck
Kate Fane
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Movie Money: Margin Call

Financial lessons from a nuanced portrayal of the credit crisis
Kate Fane
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Your taxes are due in 3 days

Do you know what a T4 is?
Kate Fane