What Anti-Irish Prejudice Teaches Us About Islamophobic Hysteria

Hating on Irish people in Britain did nothing to solve the Troubles.


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Photos from the Northern Irish Tour That Led Up to 1992's Coalisland Riots

Stuart Griffiths was posted to County Tyrone as a military photographer. Some weeks into the tour, a young British soldier lost both his legs to an IRA explosive device, triggering the Coalisland riots.


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Your Retirement Fund Is Slowly Evaporating

Whether you know it or not, your 401(k) is likely being devoured by marketing fees, investment-management fees, administrative fees, and broker commissions—along with trading fees that pass on to you every time a mutual fund buys or sells a security.


The 'Boston College Tapes' Document Northern Ireland's Murderous Past

I spoke to Anthony McIntyre, a former commander in the IRA who created an archive of people admitting to grizzly acts of political violence during the Troubles.


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