Iraq war

Iraq war

Trump Pardons Ex-Army Soldier Convicted of Stripping Iraqi Prisoner Naked and Murdering Him

Michael Behenna was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the 2008 killing.
Tim Marcin
2020 election

5 ghosts from Biden's past that could haunt his presidential campaign

It's not just the touching.
Rex Santus

'VICE' Is a Scathing Takedown of Dick Cheney and American Politics

Adam McKay's new movie about the Dubya era will leave you angry (and in need of a drink).
Miles Howard

The guy who threw his shoes at George W. Bush is running for office in Iraq

The journalist bared his sole to President George W. Bush a decade ago.
Christianna Silva

Iraq War Veterans are Using Pro Wrestling to Cope With PTSD

In the short documentary 'Valhalla Club,' three vets talk about how pro wrestling did for them what the VA and federal government couldn't: helped them cope with PTSD.
Ian Williams

David Frum Is a Political Party of One

The famous Never Trump thinks conservatism is "obsolete," but will Republicans listen to him?
Eve Peyser
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George W. Bush Bashing Trump's 'Cruelty' Is Hypocritical Bullshit

The former president denounced the current commander in chief, but we shouldn't ignore his own bloodstained record.
Eve Peyser
Iraq war

Tony Blair won't be prosecuted for war crimes in Iraq, U.K. court says

Alexa Liautaud
Canada 150

Canada at War: How Two Decades of Conflict Have Changed a Country

Reminder, the Canadian military is shooting people across the world.
Ian Munroe
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Chelsea Manning Leaks Barely Affected US, Classified Report Says

"Disclosure of the Iraq data set will have no direct personal impact on current and former US leadership in Iraq," the report states.
Drew Schwartz

Death of Iranian Ex-president Rafsanjani Deals Blow to Nation’s Moderates

Former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani died at the age of 82 on Sunday, leaving the country’s moderates without an important and longstanding voice.
Tess Owen
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Ex-Republican Muslims Explain Why They Left the Party Behind

"When I go to the Muslim community I don't feel like I'm totally embraced because I'm a Republican, and when I hang out with Republicans I don't feel like I fit in there."
Luke Winkie