Extremely Incompetent Canadian Tire Terror Attack Was Inspired By ISIS

Rehab Dughmosh attacked the paint section of a Canadian Tire with an arrowless bow and a golf club. It didn’t go well.
Mack Lamoureux
18 hours ago

ISIS Fighter From ‘Caliphate’ Says the RCMP Is De-Radicalizing Him

In an interview with VICE, Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi says “the title of having been a's just not something you want to give up so easily.”
Ben Makuch
19 hours ago
A Note from the Editor

Hey JT, Thanks for the Help with the Far Right, Now Maybe Keep Our Reporter Out of Jail

We appreciate Justin Trudeau’s defence of press freedom, but he could go a lot further.
Josh Visser

Why Vehicles Are on the Rise as Weapons of Mass Killing

A global terrorism tracker lists 183 incidents involving vehicles from 1970 to the end of 2016—122 of them since 2010.
Mack Lamoureux

Seven Years of Syria

VICE traveled to the Syria-Lebanon border to meet teen refugees whose youth has been destroyed by war.
Maddison Connaughton
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

John Bolton named national security adviser, BLM activists block NBA arena over Stephon Clark shooting, gunman takes hostages at French supermarket, and more.
VICE Staff
Seven Years of Syria

What it's Like to Turn 18 in a Syrian Refugee Camp

This week marks the seventh anniversary of the Syrian War. Meet some of the young people who've grown up amidst its chaos.
Andrew Quilty
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Mueller subpoenas docs related to key Trump figures (including the man himself), Frances McDormand wins best actress, South Korean delegation heads North for talks, and more.
VICE Staff

What It's Like to Go to University in a War Zone

"We've had to perform the absentee funeral prayer three times last year, in honour of killed classmates. It never seems to end."
Ahmed Abu Draa

We Shared a Prison Cell with an Isis Fighter

The story of Robert Daw and Rae Lewis-Ayling, who travelled to Iraq to help build the utopian Rojava, but ended up in prison for 40 days.
Matt Blake

How Four West London Boys Became the ISIS 'Beatles'

The story of the four British men infamous for torturing and beheading prisoners in Syria.
Adam Forrest

Life as a Former ISIS Bride

After first being forced to marry ISIS fighters, many women in Mosul now aren't allowed to send their children to school.
Moustafa Saadoun