Remember When Shakira Covered "Islands" by The xx?

The Colombian pop superstar has a long history of interesting song covers.
Issy Beech
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Ruf Dug's Been Given a Vaporwave Re-Rub and You Can Listen to It Now

We've got the blissed out 2814 remix of "Tendacayou" for your delectation right here.
Josh Baines

Photographing Fiji’s Sinking Island Communities

Climate change is literally washing low-lying seaside villages away.
Jeff Tan

Jarryd Torff Unites the Sounds of New York City and Montreal in 'Islands'

A prime example of why jazz and electronic music are united 'till death do they part.
Rachael D’Amore
Tripping Out

Tommy Kruise In St. John's, Newfoundland

In the latest episode of <I>Tripping Out</i>, we took our favourite Quebecker, Tommy Kruise, to St. John's, Newfoundland to meet locals, kiss beautiful cod, and DJ an awesome Canada Day party.
VICE Staff

Pacific Islanders Threatened By Climate Change Face a Legal Black Hole

For Ursula Rakova, climate change isn’t a theory—it’s a tangible threat that has been encroaching upon her ancestral home on the Carterets Islands for decades now.
Beenish Ahmed
The Hot Box Issue

The Magician's Retreat

A black winged creature flew into the room and fluttered about erratically. “A bat!” I screamed. Transylvanian thoughts caromed through my mind. “No… wait! It’s a fucking moth!” Raf shouted, as it hurtled to a stop upside down in a corner where the...
Adam Leith Gollner

Into the Weird — Alcoholism and American Flag Parachutes

Legacies are different for those who die from a blackout suicide, drunk driving accident, or drunkenly consuming too many drugs. I’ve been jumping out of a plane every time I’ve used alcohol for sometime now, and my shoddy parachute has collapsed.
Sophie Saint Thomas