Jack Gilbert

    • 5.15.14

      In the UK, You Can Be Jailed for Giving Your Girlfriend Herpes

      David Golding was charged with (and pled guilty to) grievous bodily harm (GBH), which usually means stabbing or beating the shit out of someone—not giving them a virus that roughly 25 percent of the UK’s sexually active population already have.

    • 4.28.14

      Aleksandr Dugin Wants to See a Return to Russian Imperialism

      Dugin has been labeled the "brain" behind Putin's annexation of Crimea. “We will have a new Cold War,” he said when I spoke to him over the phone recently. “But maybe not so cold—maybe hot this time.”

    • 4.22.14

      Ex-Soldiers Are Being Given MDMA to Help Them Forget About War

      Traumatized by the deaths of two of his friends in a truck bomb attack, Tony Macie was prescribed conventional medication to treat his PTSD after returning to the US. When that wasn’t working out for him, he started to research alternative remedies.