James Comey

The mueller report

Mueller uncovered all these times Trump asked people to lie for him

It's a disturbing pattern
Alex Lubben
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What I Learned from Reading a Whole Bunch of Trump Tell-Alls

It's not really selling out unless you cash in.
Alex Norcia
Donald Trump

6 takeaways from Trump's wild "Fox and Friends" call on Melania's birthday

Even by Trumpian standards, the president’s call into "Fox and Friends" on Thursday morning was ranty and bizarre.
Alex Lubben
Donald Trump

Trump thought May was the first foreign leader to call him. It was Putin.

"Trump went ballistic."
David Gilbert
James Comey

Here's what's inside James Comey's memos on Donald Trump

Comey's memos are finally public (except the parts that are still classified)
Carter Sherman
James Comey

Comey is still on Team Hillary's shit list

“It was not his job to worry about a future President Clinton's legitimacy."
Alex Thompson

James Comey: Sad!

The ex-FBI boss is just the latest unfortunate soul to be brought down to Donald Trump's level.
Harry Cheadle
James Comey

10 revelations in Comey's book that definitely triggered Trump

“His face appeared slightly orange, with bright white half-moons under his eyes where I assumed he placed small tanning goggles.”
David Gilbert
pee tape

Comey says Trump asked him to look into the "pee tape" for Melania's sake

Excerpts from his new book reveal salacious details about his experience with Trump
Rex Santus
James Comey

Comey Uses Social Media Like a Sad MySpace Teen, and I Hate It

Stop posting cryptic quotes.
Eve Peyser

The Best Part of the Russia Scandal Is All the Merch

Are you a "Free Manafort" guy or a "Comey is my homie" gal?
Eve Peyser
Social Media

As Trump Melts Down, Comey Is Living His Best Life on Twitter

The former FBI director is having a nice, peaceful fall while his former boss rages.
Eve Peyser