Japanese Breakfast


Watch the Trailer for 'Sable,' a Video Game Soundtracked by Japanese Breakfast

It's Michelle Zauner's second foray into video games. A new song, "Glider," plays behind the first preview of the game, hinting at more ambient and synthetic sounds from the indie artist.


Japanese Breakfast Covering the Cranberries Is Pretty Perfect

The band's extremely faithful take on the 90s classic "Dreams" is jangle-pop euphoria.


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Welcome to the first installment of Blind Spots, in which we force some of our favorite artists to finally check out the most famous albums they've never heard.


The Defiant Sound of Asian American Women in Indie Rock

Artists like Jay Som, Japanese Breakfast, and Mitski are at the forefront of indie rock, creating space for Asian American women.


Drunk Online to Crunk Online: How Jay Som’s Songs Went from Bedroom Musings to Hard-Won Art

The 22-year-old, Oakland-raised singer's music is raw and intimate and the opposite of clichéd, cookie-cutter indie rock.


Let Mystery In: How Japanese Breakfast Transformed Her Grief into an Album of Soothing Bliss

After losing her mother, Michelle Zauner turned to music and Jungian theory. And though the resulting record may be stormy in substance, it washes over you like a calm and cleansing wave.