JD Samson


What Comes After the Death of the Lesbian Bar?

As America's last holdouts of queer female nightlife fall, a new, genderless alternative is taking root.


Why 2016 is the Year of Queer Women in Nightlife

From skyrocketing DJs to thriving pop-up parties, queer women are doing big things—and finally being rewarded for it.


Get Nice and Sweaty with This Guest Mix from Le Tigre's JD Samson

Ahead of this Saturday's Yo! Sissy party, soak in an hour or so of deeply decadent house and disco.


JD Samson Remixes Alex Winston's "Careless"

This is a double act we're down with.


Photos of Bottoms Hating Their Bodies

Photography Amy Lombard followed the gay punk band bottoms around Brooklyn as they huffed poppers, hung out at a grimy art space, and sang songs about hating their bodies.


Huffing Poppers with Bottoms

The buzzed-about gay dance punk band sings about HIV and self-hatred, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to have a good time.


JD Samson's Life After MEN

JD Samson's queer art and music collective MEN has decided to call it quits, so we spoke to the queer icon about what's next.


For World AIDS Day, a Blunt Reminder of Disease from New Artist, bottoms

From JD Samson’s new label comes a track simply titled “HIV,” from a group described as “two shitty drag queens, a 303 and a drummer.”


PREMIERE: Le Tigre's JD Samson Adds a Spacey Bounce to Mirah's "24th St."

And perfectly captures how a breakup is bittersweet.


Here's The Aikiu's New Track "Somehow/Surfin"

Parisian cool kids and JD Samson-collaborators make music to help ease the mourning process of your recently deceased fish.


We Talked to JD Samson about MEN's New LP, Gender Politics, and Le Tigre

MEN have a new record out and it's great. Obviously. So we went to JD Samson's monthly Thursday night party to hang out.


Here's AVAN LAVA's Remix of "Making Art" by JD Samson and MEN

JD Samson and MEN have a new record out next month. Just thinking about this makes us dance in our seats, but this remix is actually here, and will make you dance standing up.