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House Democrats already want to go after Trump for firing Sessions

“Given his record of threats to undermine & weaken the Russia investigation, Matthew Whitaker should recuse himself from any involvement in Mueller’s investigation."
Emma Ockerman
Opioid Crisis

The case of a suspected fentanyl dealer who wound up dead

U.S. authorities say Robert Kiessling, of British Columbia, was a major fentanyl vendor on the dark web.
Rachel Browne

The Trump Administration Has Secretly Launched an Anti-Weed Committee

But no one outside the administration seems to know what it's doing.
Harry Cheadle
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Fundraiser to Help Migrant Children Raised $4 Million in Three Days

From more than 115,000 people.
Drew Schwartz
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Wikipedia Added US Border 'Detention Centers' to Its List of Concentration Camps

Alongside Dachau and Japanese internment camps.
River Donaghey
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This Is What Terrified Migrant Kids Separated from Their Parents Sound Like

On a recording obtained by ProPublica, a Border Patrol agent jokes about the "orchestra" of sound from screaming and crying children.
Lauren Messman

Inside the old Walmart where 1,500 undocumented immigrant kids are being held

"Effectively, these kids are incarcerated," said one journalist who toured the facility.
Christianna Silva

New Trump Policy Means Domestic Violence Victim Will Likely Be Deported

On Monday, Jeff Sessions announced new, harsher requirements for asylum seekers, creating fresh harships for thousands of vulnerable people.
Meredith Hoffman

The Trump administration will no longer grant asylum to victims of domestic abuse or gang violence

It's an abrupt, and binding, decision.
Christianna Silva

What Separating Migrant Families at the Border Actually Looks Like

Trump's inhumane border policy is tearing families apart and traumatizing children.
Meredith Hoffman

Prison reform bill could force Trump to choose between Jared Kushner and Jeff Sessions

Prison reform is one of Trump's son-in-law's pet causes. Jeff Sessions has spent a career opposing it.
Taylor Dolven
cohen investigation

Trump slams Cohen raid and hints again at firing Mueller

"I think it's a disgrace what's going on ... We'll see what happens. .. Many people have said you should fire him,” Trump said. “I have this witch hunt constantly going on.”
Alexa Liautaud